Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Op/Ed article

        The Zhou Dynasty should consider allowing the Duke of Zhou to stay in power, instead of Chang(who is really supposed  to have power.) He has done so much to help out the Zhou Dynasty. For example, he started a Feudal System. A Feudal System is a system based upon the concept that all land in the kingdom belongs to the king and that everybody must obey him. The Feudal System helped out the Zhou Dynasty in a lot of ways. One way it helped was it cut down on the fighting between people of the same kingdom. The Feudal System did this because the king owned all the land so neighbors could not fight over who owns what land. Another thing the Duke of Zhou did was make a rule that was used during war. The rule said that his army can not attack or kill any enemy when they are not ready. This shows that The Duke of Zhou has really strong confidence in his army. The Duke of Zhou should stay in power. When you put together all he did in just a short amount of time, try to think of  what he can accomplish with even more time!

The Duke of Zhou

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dana: Good morning sir, I am here today to ask you a couple of questions.

Duke: I am more than ready.

Dana: My first question is, do you think you were ready to become king after your brother died?

Duke: I think that I was as ready as I was ever going to be. Of course I did not expect my brother to pass away and it was very sad for all of us when he did pass away. I believe that I was ready because I got an idea about how to rule from watching my brother throughout the years. I understand fully that when my brother's son Chang becomes of age I shall step down and let him become king. I was very proud to be appointed regent.

Dana: Well, I think you did a great job. Are you ready for my next question?

Duke: I am ready when you are.

Dana: Okay, why do you believe that a Feudal system is a good system of government?

Duke: I believe that a Feudal System is a highly well developed system of government. I prefer the Feudal System for a lot of reasons. One being is that I get to own all the land. Having all the land means a lot because then I can give out land when I feel like people are ready and responsible enough. Also, hopefully me having all the land will keep down the fighting. After all, nobody wants people of the same kingdom fighting with each other. I also like the Feudal System because the lords give me the crops they produce. I also have the benefit of the lords having to come to war with me when ever I ask for their help. It feels very reassuring when you know you have a bunch of men backing you up.

Dana: I totally agree, having men that have to help you when in your in trouble must make you feel safer. My next question is, are you proud of your army?

Duke: When it comes to my army, I think we have a pretty strong army. I think my army strives in the protection of our soldiers. Meaning, our armor is quite strong and reliable. I also think that our army strives greatly in the number of soldiers we have. I also am greatly proud of our sophisticated tools and especially the chariot. The lords and the kings ride the chariots while the peasants and the farmers walk with bronze-tipped spears and pitch forks. The invention of the crossbow also really helped improve our army. I am most proud of the strict conduct rule every soldier must follow. And if they disobey this rule there will be serious consequences. Our rule states that nobody can kill of attack another opponent before he had time to get ready. This shows that we have faith in our army and we do not need the affect of surprise to win a battle.

Dana: I think it is really nice of you to be fair with your opponents. It really shows your confidence in you army. My next question is, what invention do you think improved your kingdom the most?

Duke: I am very proud of all things that were invented. I must say that one that helped a lot was the invention of the crossbow. The crossbow is an extra special weapon that is always a plus to have while you are at war. The crossbow is a very strong weapon because it gives you a really big much needed advantage over you opponent. The crossbow is a long rang weapon which are important because they let you attack but not close enough for your enemy to attack you.

Dana: I can see how the crossbow will help you while at war. I just have one more question to ask you; now that your nephew Chang is getting older and its coming closer to the time when you will have to give up power, when you look back at all you have done, do you wish to change anything?

Duke: That is a really tough question. I think that when it is my time to step down I will do so without a fight. I believe that I have done all I can in my power to help out the Zhou Dynasty. I also believe that Chang will be an outstanding ruler. That is about all I have to say.

Dana: well it was a pleasure speaking with you and have a wonderful day.

Duke: Same to you

Monday, February 14, 2011

Book of Documents

There were many books including the text books and books filled with poems writing during the Zhou Dynasty. One very important book was The Book of Documents. This book was really important because it had China’s oldest history text and one of our main sources of information about the earliest period of China. This book also includes speeches given by kings and politicians. One of these speeches was given by the Duke of Zhou about the mandate of heaven. This book also has some of China’s earliest text about geography. The Book of Documents divides China into nine region. In this book Chinese map makers made their maps with South on the top instead of North. The Book of Documents still helps us today learn about Ancient China. 

Mandate of Heaven

The people of the Zhou Dynasty believed that their king was given a Mandate of heaven. They also  believed that their king was able to communicate with the spirits. The king also served as a priest. The king  was awarded the Mandate of Heaven by being the son of Tian. The Zhou people believed that their king was chosen by the gods of heaven. Whoever became king was considered Son of Tian. A king could lose the Mandate of Heaven if there was a natural disaster. For example, if there was a flood or hurricane people believed that the gods sent the flood or hurricane to show their unhappiness with the king. Then people rebelled against the king and a new person would receive the Mandate of Heaven and become the new king. This is how a king is believed to get and lose the Mandate of Heaven.

The Invention of Lacquer

The invention of lacquer really helped to improve China during the Zhou Dynasty. Craftsmen during the Zhou Dynasty put lacquer on spoons and cups. This made spoons and cups last longer because lacquer was heat, acid, and water proof. Lacquer also helped us learn about Ancient China. Because lacquer was acid, heat, and water proof it would make the product it was put over last longer. For example, when lacquer was put on spoons and cups it helped preserved the spoons and cups. A well preserved cup was found in a grave from 300 B.C.E. Lacquer was also used to make art. Artists would layer the lacquered cloth onto a clay mold. After a day or two it would have hardened and been able to stand on its own. Craftsmen from China would also carve into the lacquerwear to make beautiful works of art. This shows that even the littlest invention could really help out then and can in the future.

This is the container that they held the lacquer in.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Map of Zhou Dynasty

This map shows the Zhou dynasty and present day China. To the North is Mongolia. Mongolia is about twice the size of the Zhou Dynasty. Southeast of the Zhou region is Taiwan. Taiwan is extremely small compared to Mongolia and the Zhou Dynasty. This map also shows how The Zhou region is on the eastern side of China.  To the East of the Zhou Dynasty is the East China Sea.